Mobile payment

In near future,mobile technology (NFC,Rfid,Bluetooth,etc.) is revolutionizing banking and trading activities by making payment easily done wherever and whenever you are.

Security,rapid reaction,multi-OS have been the most cared factors during mobile payment procedure.

HIT SR series provide our customers who cares mobile payment experience with faster connection and multiple choices, making their system more humanistic and stable.

Physical security

Living in modern society inundated with cheat and attack, people pay more and more attention to privacy protection and personal security.

Official ID verification,member information reading&writing, emergency alarm and other functions combined together to make your public or private surrounding safe.

HIT SR series can play an important role in the step of

Paperless Office

Monutains of printed or handwritten paper piled in office is headache to everybody, while more flexible record way is not easily available or cost-saving.

With the development of cloud storage,many companies backup their docs to cloud platform,while the first step,scanning occurs a new problem.

Through compact design and advanced technology inside,HIT PR series provides economic and smart solution to above problems for you.

Government Management

It has been a universal challege for every government to manage big amount of migration population. While the collection and verification of ID information is becoming more and more difficult with the anti-management technology develops.

Learnt from some countries' experience,exclusive ID card that was highly ecrypted for each citizens does well to make things easier. At the same time,more functions was added into ID card to make our life more securited and more convenient than ever.

HIT SR series,PR series and PT series all take the advantage in different appliaction site,settle the base for system developers to build a smart government management platform.