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Smart Card Reader, NFC Technology, Paperless Office.Guangzhou Huahui was founded in 2009. As the innovator, designer and manufacturer of smart card reader,high speed document scanner, etc. We specializes in independent R&D of mobile information technology. With years of experience in the filed, we have accumulated strong technic strength. We dedicated to develop better mobile devices that enhance the office efficiency of different sizes of enterprises.

Smart Card Readers

Readers and terminals operate with smart cards to obtain card information and perform a transaction. Generally, a reader interfaces with a PC for the majority of its processing requirements. A terminal is a self-contained processing device. Both readers and terminals read and write to smart cards. The CCID (Chip Card Interface Device) is a USB protocol that allows a smartcard to be connected to a Computer, using a standard USB interface.

nfc technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity standard (Ecma-340, ISO/IEC 18092) that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices when they're touched together, or brought within a few centimeters of each other. The tech involved is deceptively simple: evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID) tech, an NFC chip operates as one part of a wireless link.

Paperless Office

A paperless office (or "paper-free" office) is a work environment in which the use of paper is eliminated or greatly reduced. This is done by converting documents and other papers into digital form. Advantages. A paperless office uses less physical space when bulky filing cabinets are eliminated or reduced. ... In a paperless office, electronic faxes and email replace the need to print, mail and ship documents to clients, which reduces expenses, as does lowering your investment in reams of paper.